3 Things Your Future Boss Is Looking For

As a young person, fresh out of college, you are excited about having an opportunity to find your first real job in the career of your choice. You have the degree, have interned with a reputable company, and your resume is up to date and ready to impress.

You even took classes on how to handle the worst case scenario interview. There is nothing that could stop you now. Or is there? There are something things that young, entrance level job hunters can overlook from time to time. Below are three of those.

Communication Skills

There is a growing concern in the business world that millennials, especially, do not have the communication skills to operate as needed in the workplace. This is probably the first thing an employer looks for. If you communicate well, each one of your co-workers will understand what you need from them, any difficulties you have will be translated well, and you will be able to work through any puzzle that presents itself.

With that said, your boss will also feel confident that any correction or praise that he/she hands down to you will be well understood and acted on appropriately. If you display a lack of communication skills, the company you are applying for is bound to fear that you will miss deadlines, misread boundaries, and misunderstand assignments. This just isn’t worth their time and could cost you the position.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude can go a long way in an interview for your first job. A business wants to know that wherever you are representing their company, people present will be impressed, comfortable, and happy to interact with you. Attitude is the most likely reason some companies now invest money in marketing companies that handle the staffing process for them.

An employee with a negative attitude will tear down the company, bring the morale of co-workers down, and usually ends up in outbursts that can conclude in termination. All of the above just end up costing the company money. Since the idea of a business is to make money, a positive attitude is a must.

The Ability To Work With A Team

Teamwork is necessary in almost any job you apply for. A good team will produce a great product. They are patient with each other, they troubleshoot well, and usually develop long lasting friendships that only add to the wonderful effort they put forth on the job.

However, there are always those few teams that have too many leaders. When a company is hiring, they want to see leadership potential in you, but they also want to know that if the job requires you to follow, you can easily adapt. It is nice to be able to work on your own, from time to time, but make sure that you can handle working with a group, as well.

Hopefully, you noticed that none of the three skills mentioned had anything to do with your degree, internship, or your experience. Corporations will take a look at those qualifications, as well, but most candidates will have the same or sometimes better qualifications.

What they really need is a young person with your schooling and the personal traits mentioned above. Invest in your character as much as you did your schooling and land that job quicker.

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