3 Things to Try If Your Job Is Making You Miserable

Despite how naturally positive or happy you may normally be, outside forces can have a big impact on how your life feels and progresses. This is especially true when you have to spend a lot of your time doing something, like working. So if you have a job that you don’t enjoy, it can have a negative impact on all other areas of your life. And if you are already predisposed to feelings of depression or frustration, this can just make things worse. So to help those who are currently feeling dissatisfied with their job, here are three things you can try if your job is making you miserable.

Evaluate What It Is That’s Making You Unhappy

Depending on your job, there could be a lot of reasons for you feeling unhappy in the workplace. However, until you’re able to define what exactly it is that’s making you miserable, you won’t be able to address the problem. According to Laura Shin, a contributor to Forbes.com, you should first determine if it’s your career or just your job that’s unpleasant. If it’s just your job, changing employers could help make things better. But if it’s the actual work you’re doing, you may want to consider changing careers entirely. While this can be more challenging, it’s often worth it for your happiness.

Find Meaning Where You Can

If you’re determined to stay at your current employment despite feeling miserable there, you should try to do what you can to make the best of the situation. One way to do this, according to Ed Herzog, a contributor to TinyBuddha.com, is to find meaning or happiness wherever you can. If there’s an aspect of your work that you do enjoy, try to do that task as often as possible. Or, if you love your co-workers in spite of having a horrible boss, strive to make those relationships as uplifting and meaningful as possible. By focusing moreon what you love rather than what you don’t, you may be able to improve your feelings toward the situation.

Talk It Out With Someone

Having a stressful job that you don’t enjoy can be hard to handle on your own. Additionally, quitting your job and hunting for a new one can be a challenge as well. To retain your sanity during these times, Kat Boogaard, a contributor to The Muse, recommends finding someone you can trust to talk to about it. By venting your thoughts and feelings, you may find it easier to better cope with everything going on in your life at the moment. While this may not actually fix your problems, it can make them feel like less of a burden that you’re carrying all on your own.

If you’re stuck in a job that makes you miserable, use the tips mentioned above to either find ways to cope with the situation or find the strength to find something better suited for you.

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