4 Counseling Career Choices

If you care for people and deeply want them to have a better, more complete life, maybe you should consider a career in counseling. As a counselor, you will have the opportunity to help individuals, families, and groups as they address mental health, educational, career, and wellness issues. You will be empowering people as they deal with some of the most important and life changing decisions and complications in their life. What career opportunities exist for you if you want to enter the counseling field?



Our work choice can have an incredible impact on our overall happiness and well-being. Choose the wrong career and it can mean thousands of hours of misdirected time, anguish, and lost wages. As a career counselor, you will be able to help others as they decide what line of work is best for their unique personality and giftings. Using a battery of advanced aptitude testing, you will be looking at how the person is wired to empower them as they choose an occupation. When you think about the amount of time we spend out of our lives in our work environment, you realize how important this field is.


We invest a minimum of 56 hours a week in our sleep. Inefficient sleep has been shown to be a significant cause of severe side effects, ranging from accident risk to heart and stroke risk. As a sleep counselor, you will guide and help individuals, from infanthood to adulthood, to fall asleep independent of any reliance on drugs or other sleep aids. You will be responsible for assessing current sleep quality and creating a plan for developing tools and health changes leading to an overall increase in sleep quality.

Drug and alcohol

Drug and alcohol abuse is one of the significant problems affecting individuals in our society. Drugs and alcohol are ubiquitous in our society, with alcohol abuse being encouraged in our colleges and legalization of drugs becoming widespread. We seem not to be able to enjoy a social moment without a drink in our hands, and our Television marketing only serves to further that. Drug and alcohol abuse tears apart lives and families in brutal fashion. Your part as a counselor will be to help people as they search for solutions to the terrible grip of substance abuse. You will be participating in the process of individuals overcoming and conquering one of the most gripping problems facing us these days.

Abuse Counseling

A side effect of alcohol and drug abuse can be physical abuse. Whether it is child abuse, rape, or spousal abuse, a counselor helps in the mental healing process. You will be a guide for the victim towards a healthy resolution of their anger and hurt. The wounds are so much deeper than the bruises on the surface, and the counselor has the job of dancing with the opening and closing of those injuries, providing tools and a safe place for the work to be done.