4 Reasons Your Leisure Centre Playground Should Have a Journey Playset

Maybe you’re not familiar with journey playsets? Essentially, they function a little like assault courses, with a string of activities connected together for children to use in sequence. You might have a balancing beam followed by monkey bars followed by a quick bridge and so on. It’s a pretty easy concept to grasp, and it’s also one that comes with a whole string of advantages.

Here are just four reasons why you might want to consider one for your leisure centre.

  1. Economical Use of Space

Firstly, journey playsets are very economical in their use of space, and they’re also refreshingly flexible. Most playsets capable of entertaining lots of children at once are quite bulky and need to be placed in one large area. Journey playsets use very thin sections that can be worked around different areas, so it’s easy to use them around your current playground equipment.

  1. Few or No High Spaces

The great thing about journey playsets is that they don’t take up very much vertical space. Traditional structures meant for lots of children tend to work around a tower concept, so they get pretty far from the ground at the top. As you might imagine, that’s going to increase the risk of an accident occurring. Journey playsets spread themselves out instead of building upwards; even if there are sections that need to be climbed, children are unlikely to ascend high enough to do themselves harm if they should fall.

  1. Won’t Attract the Wrong Visitors

One of the issues faced by leisure centres is having teenagers or even adults sneaking into the grounds each night to use play equipment for their own purposes. You don’t want to have to clean up after them, especially since they might leave broken glass or other rubbish that could be harmful to children using the play equipment. Using a journey playset can help; unlike your traditional large tower, they don’t provide the same central fixed place for groups to hang out under cover.

  1. Lack of Complexity

Finally, journey playsets are very simple, which means they are easy and inexpensive to fix. If one part of your journey playset gets broken, you can simply cover it up and let the children play on everything else; one problem isn’t going to bring down the whole thing.

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