Welcome to my world and welcome to my blog – My name’s Darren Bander, a forty-something (41 to be exact) Recruitment Advisor who’s perhaps a lot more excited about the HR field of business than any one person should be!


I’m Swansea born and bred and I settled back here to start and raise my family after having a fair bit of experience living and working in various parts of Wales. It is a small country, so although I’d like to say I’m well travelled, there are still a whole lot more places outside of Wales and outside of the U.K. I’d like to visit someday. I’m a happily married father of three girls (yes, I’m the only male in my house), a true family man I’d like to think and having been at the forefront of the HR industry all my professional working life, I feel as if there’s never been a better time to translate all that I’ve learned into a collection of some very useful resources prospective career makers can get some real value out of.

This blog is inspired by a confluence of my major passions, which include helping people find their true calling in life, writing, and studying not-so-complex patterns like the employment habits of certain companies and global hiring and working trends. So that’s what you’ll find on this blog – essentially everything to do with career-making, from university advice to interview tips, finding a new job, career advice, etc. My ultimate aim, with the help of the Human Resources industry’s major players, is to streamline the process of matching people with the career best suited to them. This applies to both sides of the fence; both employers and job seekers will hopefully gain some invaluable insight within the growing information contained in this blog.

My personal professional career in recruitment started back in 1999, as a young man who’d just settled in what I truly believe is my own true calling. The local job market was very different back then as the entire Swansea area was still suffering from the after-effects of a dying industrial revolution. Having survived through many economic crises which led to large scale retrenchments and job losses both locally and on more of a global scale, I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformation of how the working world works and subsequently how economic activities have evolved. That’s why the bulk of the content on this blog will be geared towards career-building around what is now a global economy and a globalised marketplace for skills acquisition, skills procurement and even hiring. I’m also just a regular guy with regular interests beyond the corporate world, so what you’ll also find in abundance on this blog are some posts about what you can do beyond your office desk to strike a good work-life balance.

We periodically have employment fairs right here in my home town of Swansea and I can honestly say that these fairs serve as a great platform to match employers with job seekers and to match prospective students with the right academic or vocational training institutions. And so my ultimate aim through JobReviews is to take that very successful model and put it online for people from all over the world to benefit from.

I hope you’ll find great value out of this blog and I welcome all relative contributions.