Becoming A Lawyer: What Does It Take?

Many people ask what they need to do to go from being an employee to becoming a lawyer. They have heard that it takes a long time and that you must have a certain kind of “coolness” or personality to become one, but they don’t really know what it takes. Well, if you are thinking about becoming a lawyer then you are definitely on the right track. The United States bar exam is administered by the American Bar Association and you can sit for the exam online now. In fact, hundreds of people are taking the exam right now in preparation for the bar exam that will be held in April of 2021.

Typically, becoming a lawyer takes seven years of full-time studying after high school graduation, then a year of law school, and another year of education at a university or college, depending on which type of license you want to pursue. After that you must pass the state bar exam in your state and then wait seven years before you can practice law in that state. So, if you were expecting to become a lawyer in seven years, you would have to be ready to sit for the state bar exam four more years straight. If you were hoping to become a lawyer in ten years, you would be out of luck because the bar exam isn’t set to expire for another seven years.

While getting a license to practice law in one state is pretty simple, getting a license to practice law in another state is a little more complicated. One common question that aspiring lawyers face is whether their home state’s bar admission requirements are different from those in the other states they hope to practice in. Although it varies from state to state, typically there are some fairly basic differences. Generally speaking, lawyers who want to practice in one state must have passed the state bar exam in that state and then been approved by the state’s highest court. Attorneys desiring a license to practice law in another state need to apply to the appropriate state bar for that state.

Once you’ve completed an undergraduate degree, which is typically a four year bachelor’s degree, and passed the bar exam in your state, you can start thinking about what type of lawyer you want to be. If you were hoping to become an attorney who practices solely in one state, like most special lawyers, you’ll have little trouble finding a job. However, if you have a variety of interests and jobs in which you’re interested, your chances of finding clients increase. If you ever move to a new city, or if you change jobs, you can always reapply for your LSAT scores to find out if your efforts are paying off.

The next step in becoming a lawyer is to attend a law school that will help you earn your four-year bachelor’s degree and pass the state’s bar exam. There are several schools around the country that offer this degree including four different nationally recognized universities. Some of the top law schools in the country are at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan; the University of California – Davis, in Sacramento, California; the George Warren Law School in Washington, D.C; the American College of Law in Boston, Massachusetts; and the William Templeton College of Law in Virginia. There are many more universities and colleges that offer a variety of programs to help aspiring lawyers get their bachelor’s degrees and begin careers as lawyers.

Once you have completed your undergraduate work, you can then look for a law school that will help you get a four year degree and pass the state bar exam. If you were hoping to practice law strictly in the state of your residence, you can do that for the two years you spend in law school before you take the bar exam. Once you pass the bar, you can then practice law in the state where you’re licensed to practice. As stated above, it’s not as easy to become a lawyer, and there are many things to consider before choosing this career. By taking the time to educate yourself about the laws, the courts, and the legal system in your area, you’ll increase your chances of success when you choose to pursue this profession.