How you can help Human Appeal change the lives of orphaned children across the world

Tragically, there are thought to be around 200 million orphans globally. Often, these youngsters are denied a normal, stable, happy childhood. In many cases, they have to drop out of school early in order to earn money, and many face abuse, exploitation, disease and malnutrition.

However, there are charities working to improve the outlook for these unfortunate children. Human Appeal is one such organisation. Formerly known as Human Appeal International, this Greater Manchester-based non-profit runs projects dedicated to saving and enhancing the lives of orphans.

Little Human Appeal

One of its initiatives, called Little Human Appeal, is a sponsorship programme that is helping thousands of orphans across the world in countries including Lebanon, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Eritrea, Palestine, Pakistan, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Tunisia.

The appeal is run on a one-to-one sponsorship basis, meaning donors get to help specific youngsters. As little as £25 a month, or 83p a day, can provide orphans with essentials such as food, schooling, clothes and medicines. By ensuring these children have access to the basics, Human Appeal is providing them with greater stability and sheltering them from the harsh reality of being an orphan. It is also helping youngsters to look forward to a brighter future.

How to get involved

If you want to do your bit to help Human Appeal continue this essential work, you can sponsor a child yourself. By doing this, you’ll get to watch the youngster you donate to flourish and grow. For further details about the sponsorship programme, simply visit the Human Appeal UK website.

There are also other ways to contribute to the cause. For example, if you can’t commit to making regular payments, you can give a one-off donation. This can be done online, by mobile text, at a bank or charity donation site or by cheque.

You can also give some of your free time to the charity by becoming a volunteer. Human Appeal notes that as well as helping to save lives, volunteering can be a highly rewarding experience. There are many different ways to get involved. You can help out at fundraising events happening around the country, or you could arrange your own fundraiser. Another way to contribute to the cause is to do collections. In addition, you can get extra exposure for the charity and the work it is doing to help orphans by promoting the cause on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram.

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