Does the Student Need to Spend Time on Sports?

During the study, there is always not enough time for youth, time with friends and personal life. Does the student need sports? Or is it better to save time? Maybe sport is too tiring and takes away the forces that are needed for a productive study? Let’s try to find the answers.

Why Should You Like Sports?

The first thing that is important to consider is the state of the human body up to a certain age. Our spine grows and develops up to 20 years old for guys and up to 18 for girls. When you sit for a long time, it negatively affects your back. Improper posture is one of the most common problems of youth. Sport helps to prevent muscle laziness when some muscles are overstrained, while others are in a dormant wait. Therefore, if a student is constantly sitting in the classroom, sitting at home while studying, sitting at a computer or on the phone in the evening, then the muscle corset and spine will quickly get problems.

Of course, these are not the main arguments in favor of going for sports while studying and in general in life. What is the use of regular, systematic activity:

  • The brain works better, you get new experience, skills are acquired.
  • The body is active ? brains are more active because everything in our body is interconnected.
  • Spatial thinking and muscle memory develops.
  • More synchronous work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain being established.
  • Reaction, motor skills, speed of thought and agility of movements develop.
  • Athletic interest in success in sports forms a personality, tempers the spirit.
  • Correctly formed body: bones, muscles, tissues.
  • Excess weight is not gaining.
  • You can meet new people in training.
  • Athletic success reflects well on any student’s reputation.
  • The healthy athletic body is beautiful.
  • A regimen, discipline, and a life schedule at the level of good habits.

Each sport gives a person something specific. If you have little time, try saving it for physical activity. For example, order texts on custom essay in UK and don’t spend several hours or even a whole day on this work. If you are a student and you feel sorry for the time for sports, it means you just did not find your kind of activity yet.

Benefits of Different Sports

Swimming. The most versatile sport that suits everyone. During movements in the water, the body feels freedom. The spine experiences fewer gravity loads, you do not need to keep the emphasis standing and can move in any direction. It develops your whole body. Swimming significantly improves posture, protects against stools.

Tennis. Specialists at the St. Luke Health Center in the USA claim that regular tennis classes increase your life by 9.2 years. This is an accessible sport for students, courts can often be found at dormitories and on campus. Football, as it turned out, extends life by 5 years, badminton by 6.2 years.

Running. The right approach is important here. Before you start running, read about it and consult with trainers. After all, running is useful when it is right.

Karate. It attracts with its traditions and centuries-old roots of Japanese martial arts. It gives good mental and physical preparation, allows to direct the excess energy and aggression in the right direction. Karate develops the flexibility of the body and mind, self-control and attention. Even cycling after studies is also a sport. The gym is a popular discharge for the mind and body. Walking the reference 10 thousand steps a day is also a kind of sport.