Donald Trump Needs a New Stylist

A lot of us are wondering how Donald Trump managed to win over voters and become president of The United States.

Whilst we are all confused about how he got into power, there are many concerns about his style. Does he have a stylist? Should they be fired?

Or perhaps it is all for more publicity, I mean we are writing about it aren’t we?

He just cannot wear a tie right!

Donald Trump breaks all the fundamental rules of tie wearing.

Firstly, his tie is way too long – it should stop just above the trouser line.

Secondly, the thickness of his tie does not suit his body shape. The thickness of your tie should compliment your body shape, broader shoulders welcome a broader tie and vice versa.
Donald Trump doesn’t have broad shoulders! His ties is way too wide for his body shape. It is a plead for power? I hope not, because it just makes him look silly.

He also cannot tie his tie correctly. The knot is way too tight and it looks like he can barely breath.


Someone sort this man out or we will have to bring in the proffessionals!

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