Exciting Careers In The Gambling Industry

With the typical casino pulling all stops to lure guests in and keep them entertained by providing all manner of fun stuff to occupy them with, one would think that all the glitz and glam associated with the gambling industry was reserved for the gamblers only. While it is true that it’s ultimately about the guest, what most people may not know is that working within the gambling industry can be just as glamorous and enjoyable. There are a few casino industry careers which many people would kill to have if they had a bit more insightful knowledge as to what exactly those careers entail.

Professional Gambler

I went with this one first just to get it out of the way, but yeah, if anyone takes the time to put in the requisite effort to learn the ins and outs of the gambling industry, you can really make a full time career out of being a professional gambler. In some jurisdictions the income derived from operating as a professional gambler is even taxable, while in other countries the tax associated with professional gambling does not fall onto any winnings you may have amassed as the income source. If you perhaps get paid to feature at certain tournaments like a poker tournament for instance, then that could be a different story, but professional gamblers have made an art out of taking advantage of the odds to generate a consistent and growing income. Some pro gamblers specialise in specific games on specific platforms, such as someone who has resolved to play Columbus at Energy Casino purely in part because of the many bonuses they’re always in line to benefit from.

Casino Promotions Manager

You would think this falls under the marketing department, but it’s such a specialised job that it requires its very own title. Casino promotions managers are basically responsible for bringing guests in, which is often a job title that comes with a hefty budget to work with. The pay itself is more than decent, but if you periodically get allocated a budget to work with and you bring in the desired results, casino owners are known to turn a blind eye to any manner in which you milk the allocated budget to your own benefit. I’m not suggesting you embezzle funds here – what I’m saying is a casino promotions manager may be called upon to join guesst at the gambling tables just to keep the camaraderie going and so you are basically allocated a budget to demonstrate how the party goes.

Whaler / High-Roller Concierge

Whales actually exist in real life, and for those who don’t know, a casino whale is a known wealthy individual or one who is willing to spend, but often they’re only willing to spend big with a little persuasion. That’s where a whaler or high-roller concierge comes into play, often called upon to make special arrangements to keep the whale happy so that they can eventually find their way to the casino floor and spend some of that money burning a hole in their pockets.