How to Do a Review for a Retail Store with Your Cell Phone and a QR Code

Of the many uses mobile phones have, the ability to leave retail store reviews is one of particular interest, buoyed by the ever-growing flexibility of technologies such as QR (Quick Response) codes.

The power of QR codes resides in exactly what is suggested by the name; getting a quick response out of any information handling task. When this comes together with mobile phones, tasks such as leaving reviews for retail stores become that much easier, providing a much better user experience for the reviewer, with benefits spilling over to the business under review as well.

For a number of reasons, including the main aim of contributing to a community-based review system to rank businesses services, a visit to a retail store may leave one with the desire to leave a review, taking into account their user experience and the quality of goods purchased, as well as the pricing structure. The quickest way to leave a retail store review would be via the use of a mobile phone, as this is when the experience is freshest in the mind of the visitor, allowing them to leave the most accurate review possible.

There are a number of ways through which to leave a review with the use of a mobile phone, including the use of the phone’s built-in or downloaded browser to directly access the retail store in question’s Google Local Business Profile, accessing the Google Local Business Profile via bookmarked links or leaving retail store reviews via the use of QR codes.

Switching focus to QR codes, since this is indeed the fastest-growing trend through which more and more retail stores would like to be reviewed, this is probably the most effective and easiest way to leave a retail store review. While any mobile phone can be used to leave a review, one way or another, the conventional route of first having to go through the phone’s browser is quite cumbersome. Otherwise, any Smartphone can very easily be transformed into a QR code reader, with the only requirement essentially being that of downloading a QR code reader app.

There are a growing number of QR code reader apps available, some which are totally free to download and use, while others require to be purchased. QR code readers are available for Smartphones running different mobile phone operating systems, including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. Unfortunately, only Smartphones fully support the functionality required by a QR code reader application, with cell phone users only really able to complete retail store reviews via their browsers.

The sophistication of the technology that goes into the making of the QR code standard is complemented by its simplicity, no-doubt drawing on the many existing frameworks which are popular among gaming industry careers, such as game development. So even the oldest of Smartphones supports this technology, because of the simple leveraging of your phone’s in-built camera.

Every time you leave a QR code review, you’re contributing to the development of the technology which will ultimately be to the benefit of all consumers.