How to Hire an Operator for Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

The fact that hiring a plastic injection moulding machine operator comes into question says a lot about the rather unique nature of filling such a position in that it isn’t as cut-and-paste a process as filling any other position is. The usual considerations come to mind, such as how qualified the candidate is and how much experience they have, but this is precisely where it gets tricky because the experience needs to be of a specialised nature, going beyond theory and shining the spotlight on practical in-field exposure.


Experience Comes at a Premium

It’s funny how there seems to be a conundrum arrived at by both prospective employers and prospective employees when it comes to the requisite in-job experience to fill just about any position, but even more so for the operation of injection moulding machines. If you’re operating an assembly-type operation in which injection moulding forms just part of the assembly line, the likelihood is that it’s a constant operation, which means you can’t really afford any halts in your operations and so you’d naturally have to employ someone who has already used injection moulding machines.

Now the problem with this is that anybody who has racked up considerable practical experience as an injection moulding machine operator is likely well settled in their current job and so getting them to jump ship and join your company will mean that you have to better their remuneration. The most common way to better their remuneration is through offering a pay package that’s more attractive than the one they’re currently getting, or perhaps just adding a few benefits like more flexi hours on offer, more sick days or leave days, etc. Still, it’s not easy to facilitate a transition of this nature as it takes a little while for one to get settled in to this type of specialised job.

So if you’re willing to whip out the cheque book then head-hunting someone to fill your vacant position is an option.

On-the-Job Training

If you have a limited budget allocated to paying the wages of an established and experienced operator, you’ll have to advertise for someone whom you can perhaps put through some on-the-job training so that they get acquainted with the specific plastic injection moulding machinery you use at your establishment. The basics are undoubtedly the same, but different equipment which comes from different manufacturers naturally operates slightly differently, so even if you do head-hunt an experienced operator from another company, they’d naturally still have to go through some training.

Simply advertise a job posting clearly spelling out all the requirements and responsibilities in your operator job description. The ideal candidate will have the requisite technical knowledge and know-how, but it’ll be a good investment training them on the job so that they get to grips with the specific machinery you use.

The key is to make the job attractive by making the respondents feel as if their remuneration is worth the work they’ll be required to put in. Make sure to comply with all the labour regulations. Labour regulations are especially important with this particular job description.