The importance of insuring your employees for travel

Do your employees travel regularly for work? Then it’s important that you have appropriate insurance in place, so consider taking out a corporate travel policy. Many thousands of people undertake business travel every year, and it’s important their safety is safeguarded.

Protect your employees

More than anything else, having a comprehensive corporate travel policy in place will protect your employees from harm. First and foremost, business travel insurance will protect your employees should they become ill or suffer an accident or injury during their travel for work.

In addition to medical cover, business travel insurance often offers protection for your employees should they lose their passport, lose their luggage, possessions, equipment, money or credit cards. Though the precise details will differ from policy to policy.

So take out corporate travel insurance to protect your employees should they suffer ill health or have their belongings lost or stolen, while they are travelling for your business.

Protect your business   

As well as the assistance it provides your employees; business travel insurance will also protect you as an employer. You’ll have protection for your business against a significant financial loss if travel plans are disrupted, are changed at the last minute or if something untoward happens. Ultimately, a significant and unforeseen expense, loss or liability could affect the future of your business.

Moreover, when your employees are travelling as part of a work assignment, and carrying out duties on behalf of the company, you have a duty of care towards them. If you are seen as falling short in this area, you could also face a fine. Be mindful of the fact that your employees’ liability insurance may well not cover your employees when they are working abroad, particularly if it is for a significant period.

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is a good port of call for advice, with lots of resources available on their website to help. Also, if you haven’t already, consider putting in place an international travel policy for your employees and carry out a risk assessment for each business trip planned. If your employees are heading away on their first business trip, there is a lot of advice to help ensure their trip goes smoothly.

Corporate responsibility 

Moreover, demonstrate to your employees that you have comprehensive business travel insurance in place, and they’ll feel confident you are a responsible employer who cares about their well-being. Corporate business insurance will be a benefit that your employees will value and respect. In essence, as well as the practical assistance it can provide you with, the right insurance will enhance your corporate image and engage your employees, helping you to retain the talent you value.

Cost-effective cover

Moreover, taking out a business travel insurance policy is a cost effective way to protect your employees when travelling in the course of their duties. You can find a policy tailored to the specific number of employees you have, which will prove far better value than taking out individual policies for each trip.

Our of hours assistance

In addition, corporate travel policies typically come with support services including emergency assistance round the clock.  So to reassure your staff, ensure they have the emergency contact number to hand for their peace of mind.

Credit card coverage limitations

Don’t rely on the insurance that comes with your credit card booking to cover your employees for travel. Any such cover is usually limited in scope and may not cover every eventuality robustly enough, like medical cover, as some expenses may not be reimbursed.

Standard travel policy limitations   

Also, even if your employees have multi-trip travel insurance in place, this is only likely to cover them for leisure and not business travel. Standard travel insurance is created with tourists in mind and wouldn’t necessarily cover some of the eventualities you might encounter when travelling for business, like lost equipment. So it’s all the more important to have suitable business travel insurance in place.

Confidence and reassurance

Of course, each policy and provider will differ regarding precisely what they provide.  So, you’ll need to check the specifics of the policy you take out to ensure it meets the needs of your employees and your business. From the number employees covered to the nature of the work they are carrying out and the countries they are visiting, there are a number factors to be taken into consideration. However, advice is available, so speak to Call Wiser about your insurance needs and find the right policy to cover your business travel requirements.

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