The Importance of a Well-Designed Photo ID Card for Staff Morale

As many business owners know, their employees are one of the most important factors to take into account when making any decision, and if they’re not happy, their workload can drastically reflect this. Believe it or not, a well-designed photo ID card can actually increase staff morale.

ID card printing is now an essential task for many organisations and is resulting in organisations opting to purchase their own card printer, giving them complete control and the ability to print new cards as and when the please. When staff feel safe in the workplace, their overall work productivity improves, so providing a comfortable, secure, encouraging work environment using ID cards and other security products will only help your employees and therefore your business.

Sense of belonging

One of the main ways staff ID cards help increase morale in the workplace is by giving employees a sense of belonging. There’s nothing scarier than starting a job on your first day and not knowing anybody’s name. ID badges and cards allow not only you to get to know everyone, but for everyone to get to know you too, especially if it states your job title as you’ll know who works where.

This belonging applies not just to new employees but to all members of staff, new and old. Having a personalised ID card is a type of uniform and therefore helps break the ice to create a sense of community and trust.


By giving each member of staff their own ID card, it reflects the legitimacy of the business. If a company is putting in the time and effort to ensure all staff and visitors have appropriate identification, it shows they care about the business and their employees. This means they are in it for the long haul and not just another of those get-rich-quick businesses. So, this essentially provides job security and reassurance, therefore improving staff morale and allowing members to put their trust in the company they work for, which is how it should be.

Customer-employee relationships

When customers enter the building and are greeted by an employee with an ID card, this allows them to instantly get to know the staff member, their name and their job role and will put a face to the business. It helps break down any awkwardness and therefore enables a more positive client-employee relationship to be built. If you are also issuing ID cards to the visitor then that’s another tick in the box and gives your brand a more professional feel.


Security is always a crucial part of staff morale. In regards to ID cards, ensuring your employees’ cards are secure ultimately means the business is secure, so they won’t be worried about their work environment and can, therefore, focus and produce a better quality of work. Showing a photo on each ID card means staff can be checked quickly and easily, and with additional security features such as watermarks, UV ink and Holokote’s no cards can be copied or counterfeited.

To add to this, many organisations use ID cards for access to buildings and rooms. This means unauthorised personnel cannot get into staff workspaces, or secured offices containing key company assets, therefore increasing staff morale as they don’t have to worry about external issues.

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