Tips for Effective Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an excellent way to stay connected over long distances with business partners, suppliers and shareholders. It is highly convenient and easy to operate, in recent years, it has changed the face of business communications. You can avail of a wide range of technologies when using video conferencing calls, from Skype to other types of professional software.

Here are some effective tips to consider when video conferencing.

  • Test Your Internet Connection

There is nothing worse than having a poor Internet connection when trying to conduct a video conference call, it reflects poorly on your organisation and makes doing business very frustrating. You must have a stable, fast Internet connection to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. If your connection speed is slow or the signal is weak, you’ll encounter several problems such as:

  • Poor visual quality
  • Poor audio quality
  • Inconsistent images
  • Broken audio sounds

It is advisable to use a laptop which supports a local area network connection, don’t rely on wireless connections. Although they can be fine, a LAN connection is more stable and less prone to disruptions. If you work with a company who provide business phone services and other communication services, you can contact them and make inquiries about best practices for making video conference calls. They’ll provide you information on your Internet speed, so you know you are ready to make successful video conferencing calls.

  • Trial Run

One way of preparing for a video conferencing call is to test the software beforehand with a business colleague outside of the building. If you haven’t used any of the new software, then you should schedule a trail run. This will allow you to get comfortable with speaking to a computer and using microphones or headsets. If you are going to be sharing files, you’ll want to make sure your connection speak is good, so you don’t any issues when the real video conference gets underway.

  • Dress Accordingly

It doesn’t matter if you’re joining a video call from home, or conducting the meeting from your office, you must dress the part. It looks extremely unprofessional to speak to business associates wearing informal clothing like exercise pants and a short-sleeved top. Bear in mind that you are representing your company during a video conference call, so you must dress smartly and avoid any multicoloured suits. Stick to a stylish, colour pattern which isn’t too adventurous.

  • Lighting

This is an important factor when conducting a video conference call, your clients want to be able to see you while they converse. Anyone else involved in the meeting will lose interest in what you have to say if they can’t clearly see your face, so make sure you sit in a well-lit area.

There are many things to consider when conducting a video conference call. If it is your first time doing it, you’ll benefit greatly from a trail run with a business associate. They can also provide feedback and help you improve the experience. Remember to dress smartly, sit in a well-lit location and check your connections.

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