Which Australian Industries Are Demanding More Workers?

Recent research suggests that 16 out of 19 Australian industries will see job opportunities rising from now until the end of 2018. This growth will prompt the need for more workers, providing an opportunity for those with the relevant skills and experience levels to make Australia into their permanent homes. Here are the top areas for predicted growth.



The education industry is predicted to grow by 13.3% by the end of 2018, creating an estimated 58,900 more jobs within five years. This rate of growth is good news for foreign teachers, who may be able to gain residency in Australia. However, it is worth remembering that many opportunities will be based in remote locations; you’ll find it hard to secure a post in Sydney, Melbourne, or another of the country’s larger cities.


With many junior doctors complaining of the terms imposed upon them by the NHS, it should come as no surprise to learn that many medical professionals are leaving the United Kingdom to live in Australia. Wages are generally higher, and a predicted 16.3% growth in jobs means that many posts are available. Nurses are particularly valued thanks to an estimated shortfall of 109,000 by 2025.


Australia’s construction industry is expected to grow by 8% by 2018, with trade positions available across the country. Bricklayers, electricians, joiners, gasfitters, carpenters, and stonemasons are just a few of the roles that are in demand. The increased demand is expected to see over 83,500 jobs become available by the end of 2018.


Australia is experiencing a resources boom at present, so anyone with experience in mining or engineering is likely to find themselves well-valued if they make the move. The oil and gas industry is particularly busy, and workers are able to find both long- and short-term contracts. Most of these positions take workers to Western Australia, but opportunities exist throughout the country.

If you’re interested in emigrating to Australia, being able to contribute to the growing industries listed above should drastically improve your chances of being accepted.

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